We've been accepted to BetaBlox 2018-19!

We can't tell you how excited we are!

After our successful Indiegogo campaign this May, we applied to one of KC's premier startup incubators and were accepted! What does this mean? Let me tell you...

What is a "BetaBlox"?

Well, in their own words, "BetaBlox is a business incubator that can increase an entrepreneur’s likelihood of success by more than twice the national average." They do this through a series of startup-specific classes focused on lean business, mentorship 1-on-1s with Kansas City business leaders, and lectures given by other successful entrepreneurs and investors. 

If this sounds like a special experience, it is. According to BetaBlox, only 10% of companies that apply to the class are admitted to each session. Equinox & Solstice was admitted to the Late 2018 class that runs through 2019.

Exciting News on the Horizon

The effect of being involved with this incredible organization can already be felt within our growing company. We think you'll agree when we release some very exciting news in late October 2018.


Interested in applying to be a BetaBloxer? Check out their website here.


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