Some of the designs available for the Gamechanger insole from Footprint Insole Technology.

In honor of National I Love My Feet day yesterday, we are going to present you with an important reminder: your insoles probably suck.

The Knee-bone Connects to the Ankle-bone

Shoe manufacturers recognize something that all of us may take for granted: everyone’s feet are different. Heck, even your own two feet are different. Large manufacturers couldn’t possibly make insoles that work for everyone.

The reason we bring this up is that most people reading this could probably reach into the shoes they’re wearing right now and pull out the stock insoles that came with their shoes. They’re probably flat, have little or no support, and could be causing you all kinds of pain. While this is probably not the best news your knees have ever heard, we REALLY encourage you to pull the insoles out of your hiking boots and see if they have the kind of support that your unique feet require.

Show Your Feet Some Love

Like we said, everyone’s feet are different. It’s important to know what kind of feet you have. Are your feet wide or narrow? Do you have a high arch, or are you flat-footed? This is important information if you plan on staying blister-free on the trail.

After you figure out your feet you should probably start looking into insoles that will give you more cushion and support. There are a ton of options out there from Dr. Scholl’s to custom orthotics, but we’re going to recommend something a little more unusual.

A Skateboard Company?!

We discovered Footprint Insole Technology on Instagram a while back and decided to give their Gamechangers a try. Now, FP Insoles is rooted in skateboarding. If you think about it, skateboarders really beat their feet up, so it does make sense.  Their insoles have been getting great traction in skiing, snowboarding, and running as well, though. We think hiking is a natural fit for them, too. The really interesting thing about the Gamechanger is that it can be custom molded to your feet. All you have to do is heat them in an oven at 200 degrees F, put them in your shoes, then walk around for 5 minutes. All the sudden you have custom orthotics at over the counter prices!

We also love the variety of designs you can get Gamechangers in. Almost all the designs are made for professional skateboarders, but there are some very attractive and even outdoor themed graphics that would complement any pair of shoes or boots.

So, what happens if you drop $50 on these bad boys but then get a new pair of shoes? Easy! You just throw them back in the oven, warm them back up, and remold them to your feet and the new pair of shoes. We’re not saying that the insoles from Footprint Insole Technology are going to make you richer or better looking (but who knows, right), but they COULD make your knees hurt less or make that last mile on the trail a little more bearable which it totally worth the money you paid for them.

Go Ahead and Get Them

To get your own pair of Footprint Insole Technology Gamechanger insoles you can visit their website here or check out their Facebook or Instagram pages to learn more about the brand. While you’re at it check out ours too and catch our last post about our interview with Malissa Martin, the CEO of Communities in Schools MidAmerica.


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