Edwin - He's Basically in Charge

edwin the monster babyEdwin is that rare 22 lb gear that you WANT to take with you on the trail. While usually strapped to one of his moms, Edwin is always along for the ride. He loves being outside hearing the sounds of the woods or plains. He loves hugs, beards, compliments, and of course animals. By far the happiest camper. 

Emily - Queen of Fulfillment & Inventory

emily anne the greatA Colorado native, Emily has been enjoying the outdoors since she was wee. Her mad Girl Scouting skills have saved many a camp, and she is always the motivator on a trip. You want to put in an extra mile or two, pack Emily Anne with your gear. Although she is terrible at fishing, she is great at cooking so bring Bs & Gs or bacon with you. She loves sports of all kinds and is also mother to the most perfect being on the planet, Edwin. Her words, not ours.

Stanley - Investor Relations & Advisor

stanley the manly Stan is an environmental and renewable energy attorney.  Originally from Montana, Stan grew up in backpacking, camping, and whitewater rafting in Colorado.  Having twice floated the Grand Canyon, Stan loves outdoor adventure, and at 55 continues to ski, mountain bike, kayak, and hike.  As a father of two daughters, Stan is proud that they enjoy camping, hiking, and being outdoors like their old man.

Lauren - Marketing Goddess & Sarcasm Factory

small but bossyLauren is the only of our contributors who is a true danger to hike and camp with. A danger to herself that is. No one can remember a trip that she didn’t get hurt on, and it might be because she talks more than she looks. Once on a trip to Hawaii, she broke her arm in the backcountry, but luckily Girl Scout Emily was there to splint it with a t-shirt and bamboo. Then they put in 9 more miles. A KU graduate, Lauren is prone to pull off the road and wander into the woods, which in our world is a good thing. Her favorite hiking partner Edwin is, “the most perfect angel on the planet.”

Ali - Partner Liason & Customer Service

super helper elf aliAli is a Kansas native which means that she knows the grassland. Relatively new to the outdoor scene, Ali is quickly becoming an experienced backpacker and brings a lot of cheer to camp. She is a 29-year-old former professional paralegal with an interest in politics, but we love her anyway. She always has a book in her pack and generally has a smile on her face. There was that one time in Ouachita though…

Alex - Jack of All Trades & Master of Lunch

the guy with the goodsAlex is a 36-year-old Montana native who spent most of his formative years in the Beartooth Mountain range just north of Yellowstone Park. An experienced hiker, he went to school for Jazz performance in Seattle (read: the Cascade Mountains), and makes regular trips to Pike’s Peak in Teller County, Colorado to visit his parents. Formerly a system administrator by trade, Alex is a father and entrepreneur with interests in many different businesses. Sound like a lot of work? It is. As we all know, getting into the backcountry is one of the best ways to unwind after too many days in the rat race. Alex does that as much as he can.