Our Favorite Things

We're very glad you came by to find some great products by some great people. We love hearing from you about any little old thing. If you haven't already found us on social media, you can look at our Facebook page, DM us on Twitter, or tag us on Instagram. We love to see people out in nature, using our products and we want our customers to know that although we may come from different backgrounds and situations, our similarities far outweigh our differences. Shoot us some pics of you wearing our apparel, or just you and your crew having a good time outdoors. You can contact us anytime!

If you'd rather email us directly, you can find us at info@eandsoutdoor.com whenever we're not outside. Our snail mail address is PO Box 1722, Lawrence, Kansas, 66044. You can send us flowers, gear, or add us to your Christmas card list, but please don't send us this.

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