Our Vision of Impact

Every year on the first Tuesday of November thousands of people in the U.S. walk out of voting booths wearing stickers that say, “I Voted.” Why? These simple stickers represent a deep sense of pride that voters get by contributing to their communities. They drive to their polling station, sometimes standing in line for hours, and take a position to improve the communities in which they live.  

Equinox & Solstice Outdoor Limited Company creates an opportunity for people to express the same “I Voted” feeling of pride and accomplishment with the clothes they wear. Our goal is to build a nationally recognized brand that acknowledges the customer’s contributions to their communities by wearing our apparel.

How We Create Change

The desire to create lasting social change within local communities is strikingly absent from the outdoor apparel industry. No current brand has a clear social platform or message that focuses on the improvement of individual lives in the U.S. Rather, existing brands focus on social development overseas or on environmental protection issues. Their model completely ignores an excellent opportunity to create engagement around social consciousness in local U.S. communities.

Our initial apparel offering of a softshell, mid-weight jacket is the foundation of making our brand synonymous with community impact. We want our brand to be the driving force behind changing the conversation away from individualistic consumerism to accessible socially conscious community engagement.

E&S Outdoor strives to have the greatest impact on as many kids as possible. By utilizing large, reputable not-for-profit Allies we are able to help more kids and to do so more quickly and efficiently. The greatest aspect of our model allows these organizations the opportunity to give the kids in need a hand up instead of just a handout.

How It Works

1. You Buy a Jacket

Seems like a logical place to start. ;)

2. We work with a Ally to identify a kid in need of clothing within 50 miles of you. 

After a customer has purchased a jacket from our website, our team gets a notification. We identify where the customer lives and reach out to the local office of one of our Allies. They identify a kid who has a need for weather appropriate, properly fitting clothing.

We send a product coupon to the local agency site who then distributes it to one of their youth members in need. This allows kids to purchase their very own jacket in any size or color that they want. Cool, right?

3. The kid you've helped gets their jacket, usually within 30 days.

Our goal is for this to give these kids a sense of pride and a sense of belonging in our community.

4. Everyone wins. 

After we have received a notification that a coupon has been redeemed we reach back out to the original purchaser to alert them of the positive impact they have made on their community.

We encourage the recipients of the donated jackets to express their gratitude by writing a simple thank you note to the purchaser to show just how much a warm, well-fitting jacket means to them. It is important to note here that we always protect the identities of every child and customer and do not ever disclose personal information.

What do you think? Does this sound good to you? Check out our store now to get some great clothes for a great cause!

Our Local Impact Guarantee

Your purchase will always make an impact somewhere geographically close to you. We try to get as close to you as we can. Our goal is to ensure that this is within 50 miles of where you live. We are as committed to improving your community as you are.


Are you looking for more ways to create a lasting impact in your community? Do you want more opportunities to wear your awesome new jacket in the outdoors? Are you interested in finding other ways to make a positive impact on American youth? Check out our friends that encourage kids to get outside.