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Yeah, yeah. We get what you're thinking right now so let's just talk about this like adults.

Our promise is that we won't be terrible about it, or constantly cram it down your inbox. We really only use this to get you our newsletter, and that only happens 4 times a year. Every change of season (hence Equinox & Solstice) we will send you a summary of our new products and share some cool things going on in our lives. Kind of like your grandma does but without asking about your personal life. We will ALWAYS respect your privacy, and we will NEVER forget that you are a busy, reasonable person that doesn't need more offers shoved in their face. We're like that too.

Contests and Giveaways

Occasionally we have contests or even just give stuff away! After every season we give away some of our gear to our subscribers. Do you want to have a chance to win gear worth hundreds of dollars?? YOU HAVE TO SUBSCRIBE! Signing up today includes you in all of our drawings, but we only email you if you've won.


We take birthdays pretty seriously around here and we want to take yours seriously, too. We'd love to help you celebrate your big day because we're glad you're part of our little family of people who love the outdoors.

DISCLAIMER: If you choose to share your birthday with us we will make a big deal out of it. You've been warned!