E&S began with a mission in mind and passion in our hearts for making a positive change in our community, and the world. It all began with one young person reaching out to our founder, Alex, for some much-needed assistance. Not only was this young person in need of clothes, but also struggled to keep a roof over their head at no fault of their own. With much research, we concluded that this is not a one-off situation, but a very real and prevalent issue plaguing our nation. It was with this young person in mind, and many others, that E&S evolved. It is our mission to provide excellent clothing to our customers, and by extension, at-risk youth in America. These kids have weathered many storms, and at E&S we strive to ensure they have the quality clothing they need to persevere.


Once we decided to solve this enormous problem in the U.S., everything else came pretty easy. We knew that the best solution in the market to make sure kids have long-lasting, weatherproof clothing was outdoor apparel. That is because, at E&S, we're all lovers of the outdoors, and geeks about technical gear.

We immediately started reaching out to top designers and building relationships with our partners. We learned everything we could about apparel design and structure. Since we were all wearing technical clothing in the womb, this came naturally. 

We decided to start E&S with a simple softshell jacket (the Northward) because it really epitomized what our goal was: a simple but elegant solution to fighting cold and need.

Non-Profit Allies

We all had strong relationships with our non-profit Allies before we decided to start Equinox & Solstice, so including them in the plan was a no-brainer. Our real challenge arose when we decided to ensure the social impact our products make happens on an ultra-local level.

All of the agencies we utilize are strong and reputable entities with nationwide infrastructures. We want to take advantage of that by working with every local office of each of our Allies, from large headquarters in metropolitan cities to one person offices in rural areas.

Probably the best thing about our non-profit Allies is their dedication to helping the disadvantaged youth in America have a fighting chance at success. They work constantly, on all fronts, to improve their communities. They are tireless in helping us end bad weather for U.S. kids.